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Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents happen every day. There’s no doubt that automobile accidents are traumatic; especially when there are fatalities. After the initial impact, you may feel like you are in another world with police, emergency medical service personnel and the fire department working around the accident scene. Parents can feel helpless and frightened if their children are injured.

If you or a family member has been involved in an auto accident, contact the law firm of Purvis Gray Thomson, LLP. We know auto accidents.

Speed, Running Light And Distraction

In any given year, the annual number of deaths on our roadways can top 41,000 deaths. Fatal automobile accidents most frequently occur when:

  • Vehicles leave the road
  • Someone fails to stop at an intersection
  • Pedestrians are involved in the accident

Approximately one-third of these auto accident fatalities are related to speed. In Colorado, the most common causes of auto accidents are speed and running red lights. Other factors that can affect a driver’s performance and cause an auto accident include: drowsiness, drinking, talking on a cellphone, using text messaging, road rage and not wearing a seat belt.

Many organizations are working very hard to improve public safety awareness. However, there are still drivers who are distracted behind the wheel, speed or drive while buzzed or drunk. These drivers cause major automobile accidents. Weather conditions can further complicate the situation. If you have been injured, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid.

Learn Your Legal Rights

If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury in a car accident, you need to learn about your rights before accepting a settlement offer. Our Boulder car accident lawyers will explain your options and aggressively pursue compensation for pain and suffering, injuries and loss of income.

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