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Posts tagged "motor vehicle accidents"

Why you should speak to an attorney before an insurance company

One of the things everyone is advised to do after a car accident is exchange insurance info with the other driver. What many people don't realize is the importance of speaking to an attorney before ever calling the insurance company. Insurance companies make a profit by trying to offer you as little as possible in a claim. You should never speak directly to the other driver's insurer, but even your own insurance company will be looking for the lowest possible offer they can give you.

4 tips to make driving a motorcycle safer

Motorcycles can be fun to drive. Unfortunately, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcyclists are at a significantly increased risk of an accident over vehicle drivers, by almost 30 times. As an individual gets older, it may be even more difficult to stay safe on the road as reflexes slow down, eyesight weakens and bones become brittle. Still, many cling to the excitement and thrill they feel on the back of a bike, and there are ways to drive defensively and make sure you are more visible to motorists on the roadway.

Safer driving through technology and driver behavior

The roads can be made safer for Colorado drivers both through changing driver behavior and improving safety technology. Driving a car is still one of the most dangerous activities most people engage in. In 2013, there were 32,719 fatalities related to motor vehicle accidents. There were 1.09 deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles driven.

Running red lights kills hundreds every year

Colorado road users are frequently killed or injured in accidents caused by motorists who run through a red light. Studies reveal that one in three people know an individual who was injured or killed in such an accident, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that 97 percent of drivers consider red light runners to be a serious hazard.

Liability for accidents in autonomous cars

In the years to come, autonomous cars may be appearing on Colorado roads, but that possibility raises the question of who will be responsible in an accident. It has been claimed that 94 percent of motor vehicle accidents are due to human error, but that leaves 6 percent of accidents that may not be prevented by autonomous cars.

Automobile manufacturer compensates drivers in fatal accidents

Colorado motorists might assume that they cannot be held criminally responsible for an accident that is the result of a defective part, but this was not the case for several individuals whose General Motors cars allegedly had faulty ignition switches. One woman who spent six months in jail had her 2004 negligent homicide plea reversed after it came to light that her car was one affected in the recall by of 2.6 million cars in 2014.

Delayed symptoms after a wreck

Car accidents are a major cause of injuries in Colorado every year. When a crash occurs, drivers or passengers may not be able to think clearly and may either feel numb or in a fog, or their mind may be flooded with concerns. Many people find that they do not experience their worst symptoms until several days after a crash.

Driver fatigue contributes to Colorado accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver fatigue contributes to 2 percent of nonfatal accidents and 2.5 percent of fatal accidents in Colorado and around the country. CDC officials believe that these figures are too low and that as many as 25 percent of fatal accidents involve driver fatigue. However, fatigue is not always documented in police reports. This is partially due to the fact that no tests exist to determine whether the driver is tired.

Intersection crash in Colorado kills 1

One person was killed in a two-car accident that happened in Pueblo on July 4. The accident took place at the intersection of 24th Street and Colorado 45 at around 8:15 a.m. According to Colorado State Patrol troopers, the crash was not a result of drunk driving or speeding, but driver distraction may have been a factor.

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