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Whether we are driving to work, picking our children up from school or taking a drive through Colorado’s natural beauty, most of us rely on our cars every day. We trust our vehicles to get us safely from place to place, assuming we are diligent drivers and follow the rules of the road.

When a motor vehicle has a malfunction or a defective part, drivers can sustain serious injuries through no fault of their own. At Purvis Gray Thomson, LLP, our knowledgeable attorneys are strong, committed advocates for the victims of injuries caused by motor vehicle defects and other types of dangerous products. We also represent families who have lost a loved one because of a dangerous product or automobile component.

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In March of 2013, two of our product liability lawyers, John Purvis and Mike Thomson, secured a verdict of nearly $3 million against Ford Motor Company. Our client suffered severe injuries when the back of his driver’s seat collapsed in a rear-end collision. We are proud to help people who are unfairly injured by defective auto parts in similar accidents.

“This verdict makes a loud statement that this community will hold large corporations responsible for putting unsafe products out into the market.” — Attorney John Purvis

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