Factors that contribute to pedestrian accidents

Posted On November 28, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

There was a significant uptick in car accidents involving pedestrians last year. The number of Colorado pedestrian fatalities was 84 in 2016, which was an increase from 64 in 2015. 

Car collisions involving pedestrians become even more likely during the …

Seniors are at a higher risk of fall-related injuries

Posted On October 29, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

As an older American, you are probably aware of the health and safety risks you face on a daily basis. Falls are the leading cause of serious injury for senior citizens in Colorado and across the country. It is important, …

Mistakes people make when choosing an attorney

Posted On October 12, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Attorneys are instrumental in helping many people seek and recover compensation for personal injuries. Now you or a loved one has been injured, and you are seeking someone to represent you, or to at least tell you whether you …

Safety tips for children walking home from school

Posted On September 14, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Physical activity has many benefits. For example, it is a way to de-stress and unwind, and when you are doing an activity you enjoy, it is plain fun. One way that children used to get some energy out before school …

Biking may be more dangerous than you thought

Posted On September 1, 2017 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents,Personal Injury

Bicycling can be a dangerous way to travel. This is clear from several accidents involving bicyclists and motor vehicles in Colorado this year. The number of biking injuries may be far more than many thought.

As reported by the Dailycamera

3 catastrophic injuries that may not be immediately apparent

Posted On August 28, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Catastrophic injuries can result from obviously violent accidents, but sometimes they also follow mild trauma that later reveals its consequences. No matter what circumstances precede a catastrophic injury, it’s imperative that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

This …

3 qualities to look for in a personal injury lawyer

Posted On July 6, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

You recently got injured and are considering pursuing a personal injury claim. While you feel confident you have a legitimate basis for an injury lawsuit, you might be wondering what to do next. How do you find the right …