Building a strong accident claim using the law

Posted On August 21, 2019 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Accidents can be quite traumatizing for various individuals. Not only do people have to deal with physical trauma, but many also stand to face financial tribulations as well.

Thankfully, an accident claim can aid in helping parties get the assistance …

Can a “surprise” medical bill lead to a lien on your home?

Posted On November 19, 2018 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Imagine this: You suffer a serious injury in a car crash, slip-and-fall accident or another event, and you visit your local hospital for treatment because you know the particular medical facility is in your insurance network. In the months to …

Journal documentation can help your personal injury case

Posted On August 15, 2018 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Documentation can make or break a case for compensation after a personal injury. For instance, if you see a doctor immediately after your injury and the doctor is well-versed in this type of injury and how to document it, that …

The dangers of high school football

Posted On June 18, 2018 I Brain Injury,Firm News,Personal Injury

Colorado is a great football state. Not only do the Denver Broncos have three Super Bowl wins to their credit, thrilling their thousands of avid fans, football fever pervades virtually all colleges and high schools in the state. One can …

How much is your personal injury case worth?

Posted On March 12, 2018 I Firm News,Personal Injury

When you get hurt in an accident, whether from a car crash or a defective product, you have a lot to worry about. You need to get medical treatment for the injury. You have to call the insurance company. You …

3 car accident injuries you may not notice at first

Posted On February 27, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents,Personal Injury

Following a car accident, there are several steps you should take according to Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles. You should make sure to exchange your insurance information and file an accident report to the police. 

Another step to always take …

Attorneys can help you bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Colorado

Posted On February 27, 2018 I Firm News,Personal Injury,Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies in an accident through no fault of his or her own, the law provides for recourse for the victim’s family. This recourse comes in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. Unfortunately, wrongful death occurs …