3 alternatives to texting and driving

Posted On September 10 2018 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Texting while driving is much like smoking: Its dangers are well-known and it causes many deaths every year, yet people still continue to do it. It may seem like no big deal to look away from the road for a split second and respond to a text message, but in reality, this small action can have monumental consequences for yourself and the rest of the drivers on the road. 

There are several ways to avoid the dangers of texting and driving, including using safer methods of communication. Consider the following alternatives to texting and driving that can reduce the likelihood of car accidents and keep everybody on the road safer. 

1. Hands-free phone call

According to the Colorado Legislative Council, it is legal to talk on the phone while driving when you are using a hands-free device. This means you can use Bluetooth or another similar system to talk on the phone without ever looking away from the road or taking your hands away from the wheel. This is one safer solution to texting and driving, and it greatly reduces the risk.

2. Set an away message

If you worry that friends and family will get the wrong impression when you do not respond to texts, you can always set an away message on your phone when you are about to get on the road. Many phones allow you to set an auto-response that informs anybody texting you that you are currently driving and unable to respond to their message. 

3. Wait to communicate

At the end of the day, no text message or phone call is more important than your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Most messages, too, are not of an urgent nature. The best alternative to texting and driving is to simply wait until you are at your destination to look at your phone and respond. This reduces the possibility of a car accident that could cause injuries.