Does speeding really cause more accidents?

Posted On August 27, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

When it comes to speeding and higher speed limits, there are mixed opinions about safety. Some maintain that higher speed limits do not cause more motor vehicle accidents while others say that high speed is definitely a major risk factor …

Journal documentation can help your personal injury case

Posted On August 15, 2018 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Documentation can make or break a case for compensation after a personal injury. For instance, if you see a doctor immediately after your injury and the doctor is well-versed in this type of injury and how to document it, that …

Colorado offers safe driver training

Posted On August 9, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

The state of Colorado has a number of programs aimed at reducing car accidents and injuries by promoting safe driving practices. These programs are available online for all types of drivers, even motorcyclists.

Learning more about your driving habits and …