The link between understaffing and nursing home abuse and neglect

Posted On February 23, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Placing your parent or loved one in the care of someone else is rarely easy, but the process can be less emotionally taxing on everyone if you feel confident in your choice of nursing home or continuing care facility. Unfortunately, …

Should you worry about a residential gas explosion?

Posted On February 3, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Gas explosions are usually associated with industrial locations, chemical plants and the like. The nature of these places make them highly susceptible to explosions, yet residential areas also come with the risk of gas exploding and causing a fire. Distribution …

4 things to look for in a personal injury attorney

Posted On February 2, 2017 I Firm News,Personal Injury

When you become injured in an accident, you do not want to call just any personal injury lawyer whose number you find. Who you hire will affect the outcome of your case, so you need to decide carefully the attorney