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Cough syrup recall could impact Colorado parents

The Perrigo Company, a manufacturer of over-the-counter medications, is recalling its children’s guaifenesin grape liquid and children’s guaifenesin DM cherry liquid cough syrup. It cited incorrect markings on the dosing cup as the reason for the recall, saying that it could lead to an accidental overdose. A statement from the company’s CEO said that there had been no reports of any adverse events, but that the recall was still the right thing to do.

The FDA had been made aware of the recall. A spokeswoman for Perrigo said that it did not make the dosing cups in question. The same person also advised parents to throw out the incorrect dosage cups as opposed to figuring out the proper dosage on their own.

One doctor who is also a member of Tennessee Poison Control said that exposure to too much dextromethorphan could result in side effects such as hallucination. While minimally toxic, too much guaifenesin could cause symptoms such as nausea and ataxia. Parents are told to see a doctor or poison control professional if symptoms develop. The grape liquid product was sold at H-E-B and CVS while the cherry liquid cough syrup was sold at Rite-Aid, Kroger and several other major grocery and convenience stores.

If a child or anyone else is harmed after using a dangerous or defective product, several parties may be held financially responsible for medical bills and other costs related to the losses that have been suffered. An attorney who has experience in products liability litigation can often be of assistance to such a victim in pursuing compensation for medical expenses and other damages.


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