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Manufacturer responsible for recall urged to fix air bags

After producing air bags that can splatter plastic and metal shrapel when they are deployed, automotive supplier Takata is being pressured to quickly remedy the problem. The products liability issue that may concern vehicles in Colorado and other states may be dealt with by using replacement parts to make repairs to 7.78 million air bags.

The deputy administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent a letter to the supplier that says the ability to replace inflation canisters depends on having enough replacement parts at the supplier’s disposal. Government regulators are pressuring the supplier to make the production of parts faster. The deputy administrator is asking Takata to tell the administration of the number of replacement canisters the supplier is able to produce and how much increased production can be expected. Additionally, the administration is inquiring into the possibility of using other suppliers for the parts.

The deputy administrator’s letter emphasizes the need for safety and the replacement of defective parts in a safe and fast manner. It asks to be informed of the quality controls that will be put in place to ensure safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has asked vehicle manufacturers to expedite recall notification. The administration is also asking Takata to be aggressive in its testing in order to pinpoint any other air bags that might be defective. Government regulators believe that the air bag problem may be responsible for at least two deaths.

If an individual is injured by a defective product, he or she may be eligible to pursue a products liability claim. Due to the complexity of determining the party responsible for the defect, an individual may wish to have the claim spearheaded by an attorney.

Source: USA Today, “Takata pressured to speed up air bag recalls“, Chris Woodyard, October 30, 2014


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