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May 2014 Archives

Distracted driving is a 100 preventable epidemic

Many Boulder area residents drive every day. For many, the daily commute to work or school is often viewed as routine and mundane. It’s often while driving familiar routes, however, that drivers fail to remain vigilant and may engage in distracting behaviors or activities. Today more than ever, drivers are subject to numerous distractions while operating a motor vehicle. Actions such as turning the radio station and tending to a child in the backseat have long been recognized as distracting and dangerous behaviors to engage in while driving. Today, in addition to the more traditional distracted driving behaviors, cellphones serve as a major distracter for drivers and are often the cause of many car accidents.

Safety concerns: GM recalls roughly 2.7 million vehicles

In recent years, the news has really been focusing on different dangerous driving behaviors, such as texting while driving or driving under the influence. And while both of these are certainly very dangerous and put other drivers and pedestrians at risk, the truth is there are other dangers on the roadways, dangers some drivers may have no control over. 

More than 25 percent of Denver car accidents involve hit-and-runs

Being the victim of a car accident is a traumatic and scary event. Injuries suffered in car accidents can range from bruises and soreness to traumatic brain injuries and fatal internal injuries. Most Colorado drivers know what they are supposed to do in the wake of an accident and understand that it's critical to stop to make sure everyone involved is alright and to exchange insurance information and call the police. Despite this knowledge, however, a recent investigation by 9NEWS and I-News shows that annually there are an alarming number of hit-and-run accidents in the city of Denver as well as throughout Colorado.

Nearly 140 Americans die each day from brain injuries

The human brain is a vital and complex organ that serves as the body’s control center. Not only is the human brain responsible for regulating all bodily processes, but parts of the brain control emotions and personality traits as well as the ability to learn, retain and process information. It's not surprising; therefore, that an injury to the brain can have serious consequences and result in an individual suffering devastating and life-altering injuries.

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