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Another TASER death, right here in Denver

The Denver Coroner has ruled the death of Marvin Booker a homicide. The Denver Post reports:

The coroner said deputies had their body weight on Booker’s back continuously for four minutes while he was face down and put him in a “sleeper hold” for more than two minutes while shocking him with a Taser for 8 seconds.

I’d be very interested in knowing on what part of the body Mr. Booker was TASED. As Taser International admitted last October, 20009:

Should sudden cardiac arrest occur in a scenario involving a Taser discharge to the chest area – it would place the law enforcement agency, the officer, and Taser International in the difficult situation of trying to ascertain what role, if any the Taser (electronic control device) could have played in a unique situation that cannot be replicated.

I would say the Denver Police Department is in a “difficult situation.” Of course, nowhere near as difficult as the situation Mr. Booker’s family has been put it.


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