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Month: November 2009

Brain Trauma

Has your child suffered a concussion in a sporting event at school? Have you endured severe whiplash in a car accident? Professional sports organizations like the NFL and NHL are doing more and more to protect athletes who have suffered concussions. There's a reason...

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Civil Lawsuits Make us Safer

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, the Editor in Chief for the Journal of American Medical Association and Dr. Phil Fontanarosa, the Executive Deputy Editor for the Journal of American Medical Association recently penned a rather insightful editorial discussing the importance...

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You can’t handle it yourself

Answering the question:Why do I need an attorney for this? (1)You do not know all you need to know to get the compensation you deserve. a. Even if you know what the word subrogation is, and few people do, it undoubtedly will play a major role in how much money ends up...

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The Practice

I am an attorney at the law firm Purvis Gray, LLP in Boulder, Colorado. I represent people who have been injured in car, motorcycle, and/or truck accidents. I also represent people who have been injured as a result of unsafe commercial products, professional...

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