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Buying a new car? Safety ratings and tests can help keep you safe

Vehicles today are designed to help keep people safe in crashes. One of the things you should look for if you intend to buy a new vehicle is the side-impact rating.

Many collisions that happen involve side impacts. A crash in an intersection, for example, could result in a T-bone crash. A highway crash from one vehicle leaving its lane too soon could cause one, too.

Using your motorcycle on summer nights? Protect yourself

Riding at night is one of the most enjoyable times on your motorcycle. For you, seeing the nightlife in Boulder is relaxing, and you like the buzz of people at bars and local events.

You're also aware that riding a motorcycle at night is more dangerous than if you were to do so during the day. You don't want to get hit, so it's important to follow a few tips. These tips can help you stand out, so you avoid a collision.

Hit while at a red light? You should fight for compensation

One thing you weren't expecting as you drove through town today was to be struck by another driver. You were waiting at a red light when the driver behind you slammed into you. They never looked up and didn't show any sign of slowing down.

You're not sure what they were doing or why they failed to stop, but you're now dealing with a significant problem. You have two broken legs, a shattered wrist and a broken nose. You have a head injury that causes dizziness and trouble with your vision. It's a nightmare for you, and it's just the beginning of your recovery.

There is never a good time to text and drive: Here's why

If there is one thing that all people should know by now, it's that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. Drivers who look away from the road or who are thinking about unrelated things could make serious errors that put themselves or others at risk of being involved in a collision.

When you talk about texting and driving from a practical standpoint, most people agree that they'd never text and drive. They understand that it is distracting but want to find ways to do it safely. They might suggest that they can send a text when they stop at a red light, for example, but even that isn't a good idea.

How can you avoid drowsy driving?

As someone who has been hit by a drowsy driver, something you want to know is how you can avoid becoming one yourself. The last thing you'd ever want is to cause the same kind of pain and suffering that you're going through to someone else.

Drowsy driving is a significant problem in America. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation has found that around half of all adult drivers in the country have admitted to being drowsy while driving. Around 20% have also admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel within the last year.

Ford issues safety recalls for around 40,000 vehicles

When you drive your car, you want to know it's safe. If you have an SUV or car in the United States, you're probably familiar with recalls. They're often issued over small problems with the vehicle, such as a potential part defect. Sometimes, recalls are issued over major defects and problems that could lead to a crash, injuries or fatalities.

Recently, according to a May 12 report, Ford issued safety-related recalls that span around 40,000 vehicles that they released between 2014 and 2020. The models include the Ford Expedition and Ford Mustang, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator and the Transit Connect.

Hit by a drunk driver? As a motorcyclist, you're not alone

When you were out on your ride, you never expected to be hit by a car. Your motorcycle is pretty loud, and it's brightly colored. You leave your lights on, and your gear is reflective. You do everything you can to stand out, so you can avoid collisions.

Unfortunately, your efforts were in vain. A driver who had been drinking too much pulled out in front of you. You were thrown from your motorcycle and ended up scraping against the road for a significant distance. Your gear protected you initially, but you have some road rash, fractures and a significant head injury.

Drowsy driving is a threat to all people on the roads

It's no joke when someone falls asleep behind the wheel of their vehicle. Whether they're driving a semitruck or are in a small personal vehicle, they pose a real danger to themselves and others.

Drowsy driving causes a few issues. When a person is drowsy, they're:

  • Less able to make good decisions
  • Unable to react as quickly as if they could if they were awake
  • Less able to pay attention to the road and their surroundings

Car accidents can lead to harmful hidden injuries

After a car accident, many victims struggle to know what to do and how to react to their circumstances. Victims may feel a sense of relief if they don't have any visible injuries or feel serious pain, which can cause major complications later on.

Of course, everyone who experiences a car accident hopes that they can leave the scene with only minor scrapes and bruises, which is possible. However, victims who do not see signs of injury or feel any pain should still receive a full medical examination as soon as possible. Many car accident injuries do not cause pain for several hours or even days, and waiting to seek medical care may give an injury time to grow much more serious.

After a crash, it's time to work toward a fair payout

No one ever expects to be involved in a traffic accident. You were on your way to your school after a long break when you saw that a crash had happened up ahead. You focused on what was going on in front of you, but you never thought that someone would be rubbernecking and fail to stop at the upcoming intersection.

When they did that, they hit your vehicle from the side and pushed your vehicle into the path of an oncoming truck. That vehicle hit you head-on for a second crash in just moments. You were rushed to the hospital where you received emergency care, but you still ended up with several broken bones, a head injury and a potential spinal cord injury.

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