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Misconceptions About Brain Injuries

Misconceptions about brain injuries are different among individuals based on their age, gender, education, personal experience and where they live. There are more misconceptions regarding moderate to severe brain injuries in comparison to misunderstandings about mild brain injuries.

Education, public awareness and research can clear up some of the confusion about brain injuries. However, speaking with the Denver brain injury attorneys of PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP should be your first step to clear up confusion and misconceptions about brain injuries. During our consultation, we will provide you with facts and information about brain injuries. Misunderstandings typically occur regarding these medical aspects of brain injuries:

  • Recovery time
  • Degree of recovery
  • Abilities of brain injury patients
  • Misdiagnosis of brain injury patients as mentally ill or learning disabled
  • Signs and symptoms of repeated sports related brain injuries
  • Amount of time and change in symptoms that has elapsed since the brain injury occurred

Some common questions you may ask a brain injury law firm in Denver.

  • Am I entitled to compensation because of someone's negligence?
  • Could the brain injury have been prevented?
  • Can a brain injury be caused by a manufacturer's defective product?
  • If I didn't see any symptoms at first do I still have the right to file a brain injury lawsuit?
  • What effect will the brain injury have as my child matures and develops?

PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP is very experienced in brain injury litigation. If you are looking for a clear understanding of brain injuries, contact us. Our Boulder and Denver brain injury law firms will help you with any medical and legal aspects of brain injuries. Call us at 303-442-3366 or use our email web form.