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Brain Injury Lawsuit

Compensation for brain injuries is a monetary award given to a victim of a brain injury caused by an individual or company's actions or negligence. Patients and families frequently ask how long a settlement will take and how much a brain injury settlement should be. Brain injury lawsuits usually take many months, but move ahead while the patient is receiving ongoing treatment and care. If you have a brain injury case, contact PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP. We are the Denver brain injury law firm.

According to a recent study, approximately 50,000 people die from brain injuries each year, and about 230,000 patients require hospitalization. Almost one million patients experience serious impairment as a result of a brain injury. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for severe brain injuries.

Patients with severe brain injuries may be unable to feed, bath or dress themselves. They may need special equipment, modifications made to the home, short-term and long-term therapy, in-home nursing care, specialists, or an out of home placement such as a nursing home. PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP is very experienced in brain injury lawsuit in Denver and will try to obtain a substantial settlement for your brain injury case.

At least 5.3 Americans have long-term help to perform their day-to-day activities. The medical costs of brain injury amounts to approximately $48 million per year. Many families are looking at a lifelong commitment to care, which can be very costly. These factors need to be considered in negotiating a lawsuit settlement amount:

  • Related medical expenses - Hospitalizations, treatments, etc. can be ongoing. Our experienced Denver lawyers are skilled in how to determine what future treatment and care may cost.
  • Life Care - Does the patient require cognitive rehabilitation? In home care? A nursing facility?
  • Pain and suffering - The impact of the brain injury can affect the patient and family's quality of life forever.
  • Loss of income or future wages - Can the patient still work, or will they have to take another job that pays less compensation? Our brain injury lawyers can find these answers.

The injury lawyers at PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP will explain these factors in greater detail. Contact our office at 303-442-3366 or email us, and we will review the particulars of your case.