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Car Accident Injuries

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can cause injuries to the brain, back, spine, head, brain, neck, and chest. If you are involved in a car accident and have sustained an injury, you should seek medical treatment right away, and the advice of PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP. Our car accident attorneys in Boulder and Denver in auto accident injury cases.

Brain and Head Injuries

Almost 50% of all brain and head injuries are caused by automobile accidents. A brain injury is a blow to the head which disrupts function to the brain. Brain injuries can range from mild to severe. A car accident injury in Boulder or anywhere in Colorado involving the brain can be penetrating, where a foreign object enters the brain and causes damage; or closed head, which is a blow to the head. An example of a closed head brain injury is if your head hits the steering wheel, dashboard or window.

Back Injuries

A sudden jolt to the back during an auto accident can result in short-term or long-term back injuries. Car accident injuries affecting the back can be a sprain, herniated disks, or damage to the vertebrae. A short-term back injury such as a sprain may take a few weeks to recover from. However, a severe back injury can show symptoms such as tingling, numbness and chronic pain from the neck down to the lower back. If you have had an automobile accident, back injury, our injury lawyers can determine if a lawsuit can be filed on your behalf.

There can be lingering effects from brain, head, back, and neck injuries that go undetected immediately after an automobile accident. Call PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP for a consultation with a car accident attorney in Boulder and Denver at 303-442-3366 or email us.