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Auto Accidents

There's no doubt that automobile accidents are traumatic; especially when there are fatalities. After the initial impact, you may feel like you are in another world with police, emergency medical service personnel, and the fire department working around the accident scene. Parents can feel helpless and frightened if their children are injured. If you or a family member has been involved in an auto accident, contact the law firm of PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP. We know auto accidents .

According to the Federal Highway Administration, a division of the US Department of Transportation, there were 41,059 deaths in 2007 due to automobile accidents. Specifically, they were:

  • Road departure fatalities (59%)
  • Intersection fatalities (21%)
  • Pedestrian fatalities (11%)

Approximately 32% of these auto accident fatalities were related to speed. In Colorado, the most common causes of auto accidents are speeding and running red lights. Other factors can affect a driver's performance and cause an auto accident - drowsiness, drinking, talking on a cell phone, using text messaging, road rage, and not wearing a seat belt.

Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. A severe brain injury from a car accident can be life-altering and require extensive therapy, hospitalizations, specialists, and long term care.

Many organizations are working very hard to improve public safety awareness. However, there is a majority of drivers that don't wear seat belts, speed, drink and drive, or are distracted. These drivers cause major automobile accidents. Weather conditions can further complicate the situation. If you are a victim in a car accident, you may want to file a lawsuit if you have been hurt. Our Boulder car accident lawyers can aggressively pursue compensation for pain and suffering, injuries, and loss of income.

Automobile accidents happen every day. You may be entitled to an auto accident settlement if someone else was at fault. When you need an automobile accident attorney, call PURVIS • Gray Thomson, LLP at 303-442-3366 or email us.